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Considering divorce? Whether you and your spouse can agree on your divorce, or if you have to fight to get what's yours, we can help..
Divorce does not have to be difficult. No matter the differences between spouses, both need to work together to resolve matters quickly and cheaply, especially if they have children.
- Robert E. Martinez, Esq.

Our Business Formation Solution can help business owners set up either a Corporation or Limited Liability Company. The owners of the Corporation are its shareholders, who legally own title to the Corporation. LLC's (or Limited Liaibility Companies) are generally owned by its members, but a manager can also be appointed to handle the day to day affairs of the business.

Our Contested Divorce Solution provides you with experienced representation before the Supreme Court of New York State. While more expensive, some times a contested divorce is necessary to work out child custody or maintenance issues that cannot be resolved by more traditional methods.

Our Divorce Agreements Solution can help people about to get married, already married, or who are planning on getting separated.

We can help you with any other Divorce needs you may have that are not listed here. Just contact us at (914) 358-4844 to talk more about your situation, or consider using our FREE E-Mail Divorce Consultation Form.

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