Divorce Contested

Contested divorces can help resolve financial or family issues which you and your spouse cannot agree upon without court intervention.
Contested Divorce
$ 7,500 *
  • * Initial retainer for 20 hours of work based on hourly rate of $350/hour PLUS $500 deposit for costs
  • * Up to $15,000 initial retainer for more complex cases (40 hours of work based on hourly rate of $350/hour PLUS $1,000 deposit for costs)
  • * Additional retainer(s) required when hourly charges surpass prior deposits
  • Does not include any court fees
  • Does not include any other costs or expenses

Our Contested Divorce Solution is appropriate for individuals:

  • Who cannot come to an agreement with their spouse over custody of their children and/or distribution of any of their marital assets.
  • Who are able to pay their attorney's fees.
  • Who qualify for one of the grounds for uncontested divorce in New York State.
  • Who meet the residence requirements of the law in New York State.

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- Robert E. Martinez, Esq.
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