Immigration Labor Certification

Obtain the necessary approval to apply for an Employment-Based Visa through an employer.
Labor Certification
$ 4,500 *
  • * Up to $7,500 for more complex cases
  • Does not include U.S. Citizenship & Immigration fees
  • Does not include any other costs or expenses

Our Labor Certification Solution is appropriate for:

  • Employers who can demonstrate, after a recruitment process, that there are no available U.S. Citizens workers available for the posiition.
  • Employers who are willing to pay the prevailing wage for the position.
  • Employers who follow strict guidelines regarding the labor certification process.
  • Employers who can provide financial proof of an ability to maintain their business and pay the intending immigrant's salary.
  • Non-resident aliens who can demonstrate an ability to perform the specific job duties through experience or education.
  • Non-resident aliens who, if currently present in the U.S., can demonstrate that they are in a valid unexpired nonimmigrant status.

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- Robert E. Martinez, Esq.
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